Director Koala

We know how hard you work to provide outstanding quality of care for your children, your families and your staff. 


The pressures of accreditation requirements, parent communications, community engagement, curriculum development, staff management, administration, marketing, answering emails and connecting on a daily basis with all those important little people in your care ... it's a LOT. 


We love and respect your amazing work and we're here to make your life easier by taking care of all your music, story and dramatic arts curriculum needs. Take a peek below at some of the resources we have right here ... for you and your team


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In-centre Professional Development

Our in-centre Music & Story Play professional development workshop for childcare centres and kindergartens. 

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Our Mastery Program

Our online mastery program is designed to develop and enhance your teams confidence, strategies, skillset and resources.

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The Playful Heart Club

Our big-hearted membership program where members receive monthly lesson packs, tutorials, downloads and a whole lot more!



Nadia regularly presents author talks, concerts and theatre shows in childcare centres, kindergartens, schools, venues and festivals.

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Music & Stories

Over 40 children's songs and audio stories you can stream for free or download to play from your own device. 

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Explore our collection of picture books written by Nadia with bonus songs, audio stories and downloadable activities.