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What is Music & Story Play

Our platform offers lesson plans, downloadable music, books and training to support Early Years Professionals and parents with the confidence and tools to deliver quality music, literacy and dramatic arts learning experiences to children aged 0 - 6 years old. 

Our pedagogy uses story to playfully engage children in language-rich learning experiences, integrating music, literacy, numeracy, movement and inquiry. 

Our Pedagogy: Story, Music, Language-rich, Inquiry, Literacy & Numeracy, Movement
What is Music & Story Play

More about Music & Story Play from founder Nadia Sunde ...


Photo of Nadia as a child playing outside

Born the third child of Croatian orchardists in New Zealand, Nadia spent her early childhood playing make-believe and singing songs to her dogs under the apple blossoms at the base of Auckland's Waitakere Ranges.  When she was four Nadia's father passed away, leaving her mother, older brother and sister to run the farm. Her father Peter was an inventor, mechanic, engineer and jazz musician and much of his inventive spirit, creativity, determination and love of life and music poured into his youngest daughter. ​ At age 13, Nadia and her family packed up and crossed the ditch, landing on the Gold Coast. Here she struggled to fit in, lacking any surfy chick skills whatsoever and being more interested in playing drums in the orchestra and hanging out in the drama department. Peer acceptance finally came for Nadia in year 11 when she played guitar and sang American Pie in the school talent quest, winning the hearts and respect of her cohort. ​ At 17 Nadia moved to Brisbane to study a BA in Culture and Media at Griffith University. On the first day of uni, in her first lecture, she sat next to a handsome young man called Jeff, who would a few years later become her husband.  During her uni years and beyond Nadia sang and played bass in a number of Brisbane bands, including well-respected Australian folk band Spot the Dog (nothing to do with the children's character and books). ​ After university, Nadia knew she wanted to work with children or animals (she'd heard they were easy to work with) and joined a beautiful team at a Lady Gowrie childcare centre. She began using her musical talents as part of her teaching practice and discovered her passion for making music and story with little ones. Not long after, Nadia trained in the Kindermusik program and became the Queensland co-ordinator for teacher training. Nadia taught Kindermusik for years across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  ​ In the late 90's, Nadia and Jeff moved back to the Gold Coast to be close to family, the beach and nature.  This was the beginning of a real creative flowering for Nadia. Over the next 20 years she: ​ * wrote and performed 11 theatre shows for children * composed songs for and recorded award-winning children's and adult contemporary music albums * toured across Australia with her children's theatre, music projects and as a regular collaborator with respected Australian companies Everybody NOW! and Red Chair * spent 7 years as producer/presenter of a weekend music program for ABC regional radio stations on the Gold and Sunshine Coast  * was regularly commissioned for new works by the State Library of Qld, Gold Coast and Brisbane Libraries  * wrote and performed the only Harry Potter book series presentation approved by the offices of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury UK in the southern hemisphere * delivered her Music and Story Play program to a number of Brisbane child care centres  * created three published children's picture books ​ * continues to raise her two beautiful children and live a happy life with them, her husband Jeff and their dog Yoko Bono. ​ In 2019, Nadia, Jeff and family moved back to Brisbane where they have resettled through the pandemic. The last few years has seen the reimagining and re-establishment of how they create a viable business and share their accumulated knowledge with teachers, librarians and parents who are pushed day in and day out to provide so much for the children in their care. ​ The ideas, tips, resources, songs, stories and lesson packs found on this website are an accumulation of Nadia's 25 years of hard work, vast creative output and 10,000+ hours of love and care for the children who will one day grow up to make a difference in this world. ​ We all know the deep value that creative play, music and story-based learning bring to a child's life. In many ways Nadia's own life - her childhood experiences, her creative drive and output and her contribution to the cultural landscape - is an example of how play-based learning and experience manifest in a person and make an impact on the world. ​ Nadia is excited to be able to share her unique approach to music and story play through the Playful Hearts membership program and supporting you in your own 'play-full' journey. She looks forward to meeting you there! ​

Discover more music and theatre projects at: 

Nadia's Story


Our Team
Portrait of Nadia Sunde

Nadia Sunde

Founder, Creative Director,

Writer and Program Facilitator.


Jeff Licence

Co-founder, Videographer

and E-learning Systems Co-ordinator. 


Julian Sunde

User Experience

and Web Designer


State Library of Queensland, First 5 Forever, C & K, Benevolent, E C T A, Brisbane City, Queensland Government, Moreton Bay Libraries, East Gippsland Shire Council, Red Chair, Gold Coast, Brookes Street, Little Apple Tree, St. Mark's, Speakers Ink
Somerset Storyfest, Sydney Writers Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival, Auckland Writers Festival, Ipswich Festivals, Perth Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Mary Poppins Festival, Bleach Festival


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