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Libraries are often the first time young families engage with guided music & story experiences outside of the home.

Baby Rhyme and Story Time sessions provide language-rich early literacy, numeracy and group-singing experiences that nurture and connect communities in a true celebration of music and story play. 

We love and respect the amazing work you do. Our platform is here to support you
with music, books, lesson packs, development training and a whole lot more. Take a peek below at some of our resources ... for you




Explore our collection of picture books written by Nadia with bonus downloadable FREE songs, stories and activities.



Nadia regularly presents author talks, concerts and theatre shows for children and families ... come and see what she's up to next! 

The Playful Heart Club


Our resource library is coming in 2023! You'll be able to access lesson plans, printables and more. 

Our Mastery Program

Our Mastery Program

Our online mastery program is designed to develop and enhance your confidence, strategies, skillset and resources.

Music & Stories

Music & Stories

Over 40 quality children's songs and audio stories you can stream for free or download to play from your own device. 

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